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Beverly Hills Car Rental

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Beverly Hills – Highlights

The city of Beverly Hills is situated in the western region of Los Angeles County. It is an affluent city renowned for being home to the Hollywood A-listers. To experience the glitz and glamour of this city, we recommend that you rent a car in Beverly Hills from us. It will make your drive around town fun and comfortable.

This city is one of the most popular destinations among both the tourists as well as the locals. This city finds countless references in lyrics of songs as well as in movies which only helps to add to its glitzy image.

The land of great food, stars, expensive shopping and dreams, Beverly Hills is one of the most affluent areas in California State which represents the archetypal LA life depicted so often on the silver screen. It was here (on Rodeo Drive) that Julia Roberts went on a shopping spree in Pretty Woman. It is also the home to the café- Kate Mantilini where two of Hollywood’s all time great actors – Al Pacino and Robert Di Nero made their on-screen debut in the movie Heat.

The Greystone Mansion is another popular tourist attraction in Beverly Hills that has featured in several popular movies including the Indecent Proposal. If you want to experience the glamorous life in Beverly Hills, we suggest that you make use of Beverly Hills car hire from us to add convenience and comfort to your visit.

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