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Niagara Falls car rental (NY/Ontario)

Can I rent a car in the US and drive to Niagara Falls Canada? Can I return the car in Canada? Yes, most of our car rental partners allow cars to be taken into Canada. They allow both one-way and two-way cross-border options.
I am flying into Canada. Can I rent at the airport on arrival? Yes, on our booking engine, you can choose any of the major Canadian Airports as your car hire pickup location.
Which is the most popular car-type for Niagara Falls? Both economy & van rentals are the most frequently booked car types for the trip to Niagara Falls.

Renting a car for Niagara Falls trip- All you need to know

Looking for a car or a van rental for your trip to Niagara Falls? You are at the right place!

Where would you like to pick up the rental car? In Canada or the US? No worries, whatever your answer, at USA Cars Rental, you can pick-up your rental car in any of the two countries. Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Toronto, Vancouver or Seattle, you can plan a trip to Niagara Falls from the place of your choice. Fill the booking form and start searching for your perfect deal.

We work with the best car rental companies in America (which also have offices in Canada); they all allow the rented vehicle to be taken into Canada. Niagara Falls makes for a perfect road trip, something you can easily do with a rental car at your disposal.

If you are planning to pick the rental car in the US and drop the rented vehicle in the US only, call us, we will help you find a deal with cross border option.

Know more about renting a car from Canada to the US, or vice versa, here.

Car rental companies that offer deals for Niagara Falls

While searching for rental deals for your trip to Niagara Falls on our booking engine, you can expect to see packages from some big hire car companies, some of which are listed below:

  • ThriftyThrifty
  • HertzHertz
  • NationalNational
  • AlamoAlamo
  • DollarDollar
  • AceAce
  • FoxFox
  • SixtSixt

Which car category to rent for the trip?

Van/Minivan, luxury, convertible or an economy car, for your trip to Niagara Falls, almost any car class will do.

On our booking engine you get a variety of car-types that you can choose from on the basis of the number of people traveling with you and the amount of luggage or equipment you are carrying, etc. Here are a few tips that may come in handy while deciding & renting the car-class of your preference:

Popular car hire pickup locations in US

We have 500+ rental locations in America. If you are arriving into the US through an airport, we can help you arrange a rental car for pickup from the airport terminal. But if you would like to start your trip on the following day, or a few days from arrival, our suppliers also have their offices in downtown areas; some even allow delivery of the rented vehicle to the hotels (on request). Below is a list of popular airport locations where you can pick your rental car for your trip to Niagara Falls:

The closest airport to Niagara Falls (Canada) on the US side is Niagara Falls Airport in the city of the same name in New York State.

Some popular road trips from the US to Niagara Falls

Chicago to Niagara Falls

Distance 530.0 mi
Route via I-94 E and I-69 N
Suggested pickup point Chicago Airport

New York to Niagara Falls

Distance 395.9 mi
Route via I-80 W
Suggested pickup point New York Airport

Boston to Niagara Falls

Distance 470.0 mi
Route via I-90 W
Suggested pickup point Boston Airport

New Jersey to Niagara Falls

Distance 446.7 mi
Route via I-476 N
Suggested pickup point New Jersey Airport

Atlanta to Niagara Falls

Distance 919.2 mi
Route via I-75 N
Suggested pickup point Atlanta Airport

Cincinnati to Niagara Falls

Distance 458.8 mi
Route via I-71 N and I-90 E
Suggested pickup point Cincinnati Airport

Washington DC to Niagara Falls

Distance 405.9 mi
Route via I-70 W
Suggested pickup point Washington Airport

Picking the rental car in Canada?

Some travelers may want to pick up their rental cars in Canada for their trips to Niagara Falls. Some of the popular Canadian cities where we provide rental cars are listed below:

  • VancouverVancouver
  • MontrealMontreal
  • TorontoToronto
  • CalgaryCalgary

Popular road trips from the Canadian cities to Niagara Falls

Toronto to Niagara Falls

Distance 128.2 km
Route via Queen Elizabeth Way/QEW
Major pickup point Toronto Airport

Calgary to Niagara Falls

Distance 3,422.2 km
Route via I-94 E
Major pickup point Calgary Airport

Montreal to Niagara Falls

Distance 668.3 km
Route via ON-401 W
Major pickup point Montreal Airport

Quebec to Niagara Falls

Distance 933.2 km
Route via ON-401 W
Major pickup point Quebec Airport

Vancouver to Niagara Falls

Distance 4,441.5 km
Route via I-94 E and I-90 E
Major pickup point Vancouver Airport

Niagara Falls’ Rainbow Bridge is a must-visit!

Rainbow Bridge is an international tourist attraction and though there are other bridges that you can use while going from America to Niagara Falls Canada, it is definitely a must visit! This bridge bans all commercial vehicles and hence is most popular with the tourists who flock every year to see the wonder we call ‘Niagara Falls’. You will be able to cross the bridge in your rental car by paying a small toll fee.

Rainbow Bridge is between the American city of Niagara Falls and the city of the same name in Ontario, Canada.

Other notable bridge routes

Listed below are some other bridges people use to travel from US to Niagara Falls, Canada or vice versa

How to rent a car for Niagara Falls through USACarsRental?

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