Tips on Renting a Car in the USA

Tips to rent a cheap car

Know how to rent a car at the cheapest rates

Being a car rental service provider, we at USA Cars Rental, know how important it is for people to find a car of their choice at a price that they are comfortable with. People save hard, for a long period of time to take one vacation and it is understandable that they want to cover as many places as possible at the lowest possible expense. A cheap rental car is a perfect solution to a lot of their travel woes. Here we will be presenting tips that can help you find a reasonably priced rental car for your trip to the US.

10 tips on renting a cheap car in the US

  • Choose the pickup location carefully

    Many people suggest that you should skip airport locations at all costs for rental pickups, but it is actually not that simple.

    Check the deals for the airport and the nearby non-airport locations, if the deals at the nearby places are cheaper, check out the suppliers that provide free shuttle service from the airport. If you are able to find a cheap deal from a supplier that also offers a free shuttle service, go for the non-airport location. Otherwise, stick to picking the car at the airport. Taking a cab or train to the nearby location will not serve the purpose.

  • Compare, compare and compare

    Hunting for the right rental price is really easy on our booking engine. At USA Cars Rental, you can compare deals from all big names at one place. Our system provides various filters that you can use to compare the deals on the basis of price, supplier names and the car-types.

  • Pick the right rental car company

    The deals offered by rental companies at USA Cars Rental vary in prices, some offer lower prices than the rest of the bunch. Some provide unlimited miles, some full-to-full policy, or free one way option. Study the deals properly as per your requirements before deciding which car hire company to use.

    Need help? You can always call our booking experts for assistance.

  • Insurance, skip it or not?

    It depends whether you have auto insurance or not, and if you have, check if it covers rental cars or not. If everything is in place, you can skip insurance. If you don’t have insurance, buy at the time of booking from USA Cars Rental, it will prove way cheaper. Moreover, it is always better to be safe than sorry, right?

  • Book the car that you really need

    Go for economy, compact, or sedan car rental types which are offered by rental suppliers at cheaper rates. They are fuel-efficient vehicles and thus allow you to save even more when it comes to fuel charges.

  • If possible avoid add-ons

    By choosing not to add extras like GPS and additional driver, you can save extra bucks. The additional driver option is usually offered free of cost by the suppliers, if so, use it, otherwise try to stick with one driver option.

  • Go for full-to-full fuel policy

    In this case, the rental car is offered with a full tank of fuel and you are supposed to return it with a full tank. This option is considered better than half to half & other policies.

  • What to do if you are underage?

    If you are underage for the car type you want to rent, let your 25+ old companion be the main driver. That way you will be able to save the underage surcharge. If you are traveling alone and under-21, call us, we will help you find a deal from a supplier that is charging the lowest underage surcharge.

  • Go for a deal that offers Unlimited miles

    Car rental companies offer a lot of inclusions with their rental deals, one such inclusion is unlimited miles. If it is part of your deal, there will be no restrictions on the number of kilometers that you can cover per day. No restrictions mean no extra fee that is charged if one exceeds the kilometers. Hence, it is essential.

  • Find cheapest one-way deals

    Suppliers charge a fee if you want to return the car at a place other than the pickup location. On our booking engine, you can easily compare the deals to find the cheapest rates

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