Travel Guide for Christmas 2022

Travel Guide for Christmas 2022
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Christmas is a festival celebrating the birth of Christ. It is celebrated annually by billions. It is one of the most important days of the year for Americans. Love for Christmas is marked by lighting up the streets and houses all around. People buy beautiful Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes and adorn them with different decorations. Christmas has become such an important celebration that in many towns in the USA there are shops open all year round.

Americans have infused Christmas with their own little family traditions and practices. In many places, people observe their own unique version of Christmas with fancy decorations, exquisite food, and activities. Christmas in America is an experience one should partake in once in their lifetime. Here are some of the places you should put on your bucket list for a beautiful Christmas experience.

New York, New York

New York

The Rockefeller Center is probably the most beautiful place to visit for Christmas. With its famous Christmas tree and amazing decorations, Rockefeller center gives its visitors the ultimate Christmas experience, there is also a rink for those who want to ice skate. Christmas in New York is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. New York offers some of the best winter markets in the world and the most wonderful cuisines. It also provides its patrons with an amazing photo opportunity. Twinkling lights, carols, and the mirth of everyone around are reason enough to be in a city that never sleeps.

Alexandria, Virginia


After the buzzing city of New York, we come to a quaint town near Washington, DC. Its centuries-old houses when lit up with Christmas lights and decorations offer a surreal environment. There is also a boat parade adorned with lights and for the fun-loving, there is even a water skiing Santa to make all your wishes come true. This town is also near Mount Vernon, the home of the founding father and the first US president George Washington, where you can enjoy a guided candlelight tour. This town is even famous for its cider and cookies, a perfect place to have a perfect twinkling holiday experience.

Jackson, Wyoming


One of the best places to celebrate Christmas, Jackson, Wyoming showcases to its travelers the perfect wintery scenery. There is a town square that is decorated especially for Christmas and it even has its own Santa. There is a lot to do in Jackson. Be it attractions, food, or scenery this town incorporates the spirit of Christmas perfectly. People come over from all around the world. There is a unique winter market that sells handmade items to its patrons. To top it all off Jackson even has sleigh rides, that’s right you could ride your own sleigh through the National Elk Park, Jackson.

Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is famous for its quaint resort town and alpine villages. Nestled between the Colorado Rocky Mountains Beaver Creek Resort is a must-visit destination, especially around Christmas time. With an ambiance of a small town yet fully equipped with modern amenities you sure are going to have loads of fun in Beaver Creek. From fine dining, and art galleries to a lush golf course and skiing there’s a lot for everyone. You can even take on a wine excursion from Beaver Creek.

Stowe, Vermont


A resort town located in the New England region, Stowe is the perfect destination for a Christmas getaway. A winter spent in Stowe would offer the visitors a magnificent view of the whole town being covered in white snow. The ski resort in Stowe is the most famous on the entire East Coast. You can also spend some time at the Vermont Ski & Snowboard Museum and Helen Day Memorial Library and Art Center. Stowe also has a great collection of local eateries, breweries, restaurants, and spas.

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