Visit Maui – The Valley Isle of Hawaii

Molokini Island

Maui with its isolated location amidst the majestic waters of North Pacific Ocean is home to World’s most wondrous sights. From two dormant volcanoes to its large rainforest, impressive wildlife that includes different types of sea turtles and its status as a leading whale-watching center make it one of the best vacation destinations in USA. This second largest Hawaiian island because of its heart melting sights is truly a ‘Paradise’, whose deep culture and history which also includes an ancient legend sings the tale of its discovery and origin.

Expect the unexpected doses of awe for this Hawaiian destination never fails to shock. Dance with Hula dancers or have a game of golf or snorkel or just lounge on a beach- Maui proves to be everything except the typical. It is neither large nor very small like its neighbor islands- it is quiet, it’s boisterous- and still somewhere in between. Maui is straightforwardly excellent on the attraction front which makes one fall in love with it at the first sight.
Its most distinguishing feature is the narrow land that links its two volcanoes which form a valley. Walking through ‘Volcano doublet’ is always a life changing experience which without any fail leaves the person dumbstruck and leaves a long lasting impression on one’s mind.


Stay and Food Options

A Large number of accommodation options are available at Maui which can be easily guessed by the variety it offers like resorts, hotels and vacation rentals. High end resorts are abundant in Kapalua, Ka’anapali, Lahaina, Hana and Wailea. Owing to its mild temperatures throughout the year one can visit Maui at any time of the year. Almost all the payment methods are available in addition to banking services plus ATMs so that staying and roaming about won’t be a problem for you can always get easy access to e-money (the currency used here is USD).

How to Commute In Maui?

Travelling in Maui is really easy if you have your own commute and if that is not the case options like shuttles, buses, tour buses, taxis will do. Staying and roaming about Maui can be really costly so make sure you should decide on that accommodations which is close to the places you want to see. For instance if you want to spend more time on a beach save the commute money by getting a place close to the beach you like .
If you really want to be independent while planning your trip closely without any place for delays and time gaps you should get a car rental.

Places to Visit

Maui is divided into five regions South Maui, West Maui, Central Maui, Upcountry Maui and East Maui.
East Maui has a small town of untouched beauty named Hana and Pools of Oheo full of cascading waterfalls. Central Maui is the passage to Iao Valley which has a State Park with various landmarks including 1200 foot Lao Needle.
Upcountry Maui has destinations like Haleakala National Park, rustic town of Kula and Makawao plus Paia which is a town nearest to Hookipa beach which is the wind surfing capital of the world. South Maui has places like Wailea, Kihei and Molokini whereas West Maui has Lahaina, Kapalua and Honolua Bay which is known for surf sports.


Hanna highway is a 68 mile stretch of road through dense jungle, lonely beaches and rustic villages. Being the windiest road in America it takes three hours to conquer so better get some food packed for the road. It has around 620 curves and 59 bridges with views of waterfalls, natural pools and numerous lookup points at road-side.


Visit a beach

A beach is what comes to mind when the island-talk is on and Maui has many to its credit. The most famous beach is Ka’anapali which is located next to the whaling village of Lahaina which further provides places like art galleries and historic trails to fill your days. You can also visit the nearby submerged crater called Molokini where you can indulge in snorkel and dive in to observe the magnificence of the coral reefs.


Mount Haleakala

It is termed as the most alluring Maui attraction and it doesn’t come as a surprise for it is a 10023 foot high- World’s largest dormant volcano. They best way to visit the attraction is through a car which asks for a 2 hour ride and since it usually gets cold don’t forget bringing a jacket. Though the view from the top is stunning-which is an understatement- but if you want to witness something beyond beautiful drive up early to witness the sunrise.Haleakala National park has number of trails through the crater where you can do horse riding or can go down the volcano using a bike.

Mount Haleakala


A Maui trip lacks in meaning without a visit to Luau where you get to taste the best Hawaiian food, music and its priced attraction -hula performances.

Whale Watching at Lahaina Harbor

Whale watching season in Maui starts in December and continues till April. It is time when hunch backed whales migrate from frigid waters of Alaska to the warm waters of Hawaii. If lucky you might be able to witness a whale or a more rare sights a mother whale accompanied by her baby.

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival:

This festival celebrates the Hawaiian guitar art form called Ki-ho’alu which originated in Hawaii about two centuries ago on the Kohala coast of the Big Island. Every year at Central Maui the festival hosts performances by various master performers of this art form.

It keeps the legacy of giants like Charles Phillip Pahinui who is still regarded as the ‘Modern Day Father’ of the slack key guitar in addition to names like Sonny Chillingworth, Atta Isaacs, Leonard Kwan, and Raymond Kane.

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