Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque International Balloon Festival

Duration: 3-11 October, 2015

Venue: Balloon Fiesta Park, South of Sangre De Cristo, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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Every year at the onset of fall USA comes across a colorful and majestic festival of balloons-Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. It is World’s biggest hot air balloon festival and is in existence ever since its inception in 1972. One can experience this excitement-infusing and uplifting festival for almost 9 days where hundreds and hundreds of balloonists and spectators throng the Balloon Fiesta Park to witness the rush.

Balloon Fiesta Park is 78 acres of green cover where hot air balloons wander the seamless sky throughout the year. It is used frequently as a launching pad for the balloons by Albuquerque’ enthusiast residents but as the year approaches October it becomes a place of bustling activity. Number of Balloons increases and a staggering crowd begins to accumulate as summer turns into winter to witness the magic of Albuquerque International Balloon Festival.

No sight has the power to match an assemblage of hundreds of colorful giant hot air balloons rising at the same time against the stark blue sky.
The fun starts at October 1 with the Dawn Patrol Show where the pilots rise with their balloons at around 6 am and remain in the air till the sun rises. It becomes a habitual activity for the rest of the festival in addition to Laser Light Show, Mass Ascension and After Glow Fireworks. The days are divided into morning and evening sessions with numerous events scattered throughout the day to keep one occupied and entertained.

Hundreds of balloons form a rare spectacle and its picturesque brilliance which amplifies to a different level when these giant balloons dot the sky at dusk and sunrise is enough to feed a photographer’s imagination and creativity.

International Balloon Festival

It is regarded as the visual and creative celebration of flight and is also the most photographed event in the world which doesn’t come as a big surprise. Who doesn’t want to capture the sights of colorful balloons and their shadows drifting away simultaneously?

Their glow mingled with the luminous impact of fireworks at dusk during After Glow Fireworks event turns the time hypnotic and surreal giving it more meaning than just an eyes pleasing experience.

Special Shape Rodeo is an event that is counted as one of the highlights of the festival, this time it is scheduled for October 8 at 7 am where the balloonists bring the most impressive or outlandish shaped balloons for flight. It is the most interesting event which was added in 1989 and owing to its record breaking success it still continues.

You can participate in the Balloon races or events like Artisans Balloon Fiesta and in addition to this it also features a Photo contest for the photography enthusiasts. The contest is being presented by Canon where winners get various canon products or festival jackets /poster as prizes. Moreover the second last day of the Festival brings a mega event – Music Fiesta, where three renowned performers are set to perform this year.

If possible come early with something to sit or lay on so that you can comfortably take in the outstanding sights that this balloon festival bestows.