Car Rental USA Under 25

Renting a car in USA when you are under 25

USA Cars Rental makes it really easy for under-25 drivers to rent cars in America.

Every year, a big chunk of travelers, falling in the age bracket of 18 to 25 years, rent cars at affordable prices through us in the USA. Even students book cars through us in the US, and that too at special prices thanks to suppliers like Sixt provide ‘Student discounts’ – all they have to show is their student IDs.

We have tie-ups with Enterprise Rent-a-car, Sixt, Europcar, Fox, Alamo & many other well-known brands which permit the drivers below the age of 25 to rent cars in America.

Young Driver Fee/Surcharge

Drivers above the age of 25 can rent any car-type in the US and they don’t have to pay any additional fee as they have enough driving experience and can be trusted with the vehicle. However, under-25 drivers are considered less experienced and as a consequence the suppliers charge them a small per day fee – termed as ‘young driver surcharge’.

Note that the young driver fee depends on how young you are, the car type you are renting, and the location where you are picking the car in the US of A. The surcharge may vary from supplier to supplier. In case you want to take the car abroad or want to drop it at a location different from the pickup one, confirm before placing the booking as many suppliers don’t allow such trips to under 25s. If permitted, the supplier charges extra for the service.

Car rental eligibility conditions for under 25 drivers in USA

  • Driver’s License: In US young drivers get their licenses at 16, but they can rent cars only if they are 18 and above. And that too if their license is valid and full, you can’t rent a car on a temporary license.

  • Credit card: The credit card is mandatory to rent a car as majority of suppliers don’t accept debit card or cash. Though in US, one can get a credit card at 18, if you don’t have one, you can use a friend’s credit card using an authorized form.

  • International driver’s license & ID: Though all the suppliers ask for the international drivers permit, do carry it if it is mentioned in the T&Cs especially if your driver’s license is not in English. Drivers picking cars at airport locations will need to show their passports.

At the time of pick up you must have all these documents, and do bring the original docs as paper and digital copies are not accepted.

Car types available for hire in USA

No matter what your budget is, the number of people you are traveling with, and the space you need for luggage & equipment, you can book your perfect car on USA Cars Rental. The following are some of the most popular car-types that young drivers book through us in the US:

  • Van rental: It has been observed that during weekends and vacations a big group of college students rent minivans or vans for their trips to places like Yosemite National Park or camping. On our booking engine you get ample options from 7, 8, 9, and 12 to 15 seater vans and minivans.

  • SUVs: Majority of the young drivers take trips to destinations like Grand Canyon for Rafting, or Na Pali Coast in Hawaii for Kayaking. And since all these activities require equipment, they go for SUVs which offer ample space for all the equipment they need.

  • Economy cars: Some young drivers usually go for cheap cars like economy, sedans, and compacts which are not only affordable but being fuel efficient also helps in saving a lot on fuel expenses.

Every supplier offers a different age eligibility condition for almost every car types, so do read the T&Cs before making the booking. If you are renting a luxury car, the supplier might ask you to provide two credit cards.

*The given information is for guidance purposes, it must not be considered final. Read the supplier’s terms and conditions for Vehicle specific information.