Car Renting Tips for Foreigners in the USA

Car Renting Tips for Foreigners in the USA

The United States of America consists of 50 states and is further divided into cities and towns, where each city and town has different geographical characteristics. Booking a rental car in the USA can be different than booking a car in any other country. Being a well-developed, culturally diverse, and naturally beautiful country it has so much to offer to the people visiting. Either you would want to have a highway road trip to experience the coastlines, mesmerizing valleys, stunning cliffs and lush forestry or you would want to cover short distances within a specific city, in any case roadways is the best way to make your visit to the USA a memorable event.

FYI roads in the freeways and highways are smooth and easy to drive on, as a foreigner you must keep in mind to drive in the specified speed limits on the roadside boards. Below mentioned is everything you need to know about renting a car being an outsider :

While Booking the Car

  • One Way or Round Trip

    According to the trip requirement you can book a rental car, as in a one-way trip you don’t have to return the car to the pick-up location, you can easily choose a different drop-off location. And in a round trip you will have to return the car to the pick-up location. So choose wisely as the one-way may even cost you a little more than the round trip, the convenience of not having to drop off the car at the pickup point is there though.

  • Age restrictions

    Most of the suppliers have a Young Driver’s Surcharge for the people of 21-24 years of age. People above the age to 25 do not have to pay the extra fees. Some suppliers may also not rent the high end luxury cars to the young drivers. Every supplier has different charges and age restrictions, do confirm the details regarding the same from your supplier.

  • Insurance

    You may find including insurance as wastage of your money, but insurance would bring you a sense of security. Keep yourself insured rather than paying a hefty amount of money in considerable damage. If you choose USA Cars Rental you can search and compare insurance packages that cover the required damages.

  • Discounts are on your way

    Pay online to get the best deals and discounts. Making a decision to rent which car from which supplier becomes hectic on the spot. Online bookings offer you to compare the prices from several suppliers and a variety of car options.

  • Downtown or the Airport location

    Downtown pickups may cost you less but the driving is more complicated there as you need to go through the congested roads to reach the rental depot. Having a pickup from the airport is easier to locate and also the counters at the airport have longer working hours, but they may be a little more expensive, so you need to decide over that factor. Make sure you check for the shuttle services while you are booking the rental car, that would help you to easily reach the pickup location if it is far from where you have landed.

  • Choose the right size

    The size of the car depends upon where you are heading and with whom. The trip for you can be full of uncomfortable circumstances if the chosen car is not appropriate for your trip type. While booking a car with USA Cars Rental you can see through a variety of options, from the number of seats to the type of road you are going to drive through.

  • Pick your extras carefully

    Sometimes people tend to choose extras that are not even required. For example, a country like the USA has specific rules for people traveling with children. You get to choose from a variety of options when it comes to extras like an additional driver, infant seat, navigation system (GPS), child booster seat, toddler seat. Don’t hurry to book something you don’t require. You can also call our experts to help you pick a car with unlimited free assistance.

On-Road things to remember

    • Documents

      Always keep your original license, IDP (International Drivers License), IDs, passport, rental documents, insurance papers, with you while you travel anywhere around the country, softcopies or photocopies are not allowed. You never know the situation that might occur. Police personnel of the country are well-regulated and won’t let you go if you don’t have the required documents.

    • Smoking

      Smoking in the car may lead to extra charges, so unless you have no issues in paying them, try not to smoke in the car.

    • Be careful of other drivers

      Everyone of legal age drives in America, so you may find inexperienced young drives and old age people on the road, also people with rash driving and sometimes people with substances, all you need to keep in mind is to be safe on your side and drive in the required speed limits, which may vary from city to city.

    • Don’t carry a lot of cash with you

      Being in a foreign country, it is suggested not to keep a lot of cash with yourself. Your purchases won’t be secure with the cash and also there are chances to lose the money. Almost all the places you shall visit will have a digital transaction system available. Also, always keep the voucher/ contact info of your supplier with you in case of any emergency.

    • Rules and Regulations

      Every state in the USA implements different rules and regulations, before traveling do check for the jurisdiction around the city you are supposed to land/travel in. You will have a smooth stay while abiding by the rules of that specific state.

While renting a car read all the terms and conditions you are being waived off for and also what are you exactly paying for. As you don’t want to end up paying more than your budget. USA Cars Rental ensures transparency at every point, a trusted brand by thousands of customers across the world, always making sure you are aware of what you are paying for and how much. Renting a car in the US is a luxury you won’t want to miss and services by USA Cars Rental will ensure you get the luxury in the most affordable prices.

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