Things to Do & Places to See in New York City‎

Things to Do & Places to See in New York City‎

Whether you have been staying here in NYC for a decade or it’s your first trip to the city, this place is larger than life on all grounds. Be it culture, food, arts or entertainment; the city promises an engrossing lifestyle from Uptown to Downtown. There is so much to be listed on your itinerary of things to do that a visit once in a while is not sufficient enough. In fact, no two visits shall ever be the same here because you will end up visiting more and more.

Here, we list down the best of things to do to capture the true energy of this city. Read below for a thorough insight…

Empire State Building

A visit to NYC is incomplete if you do not stop by this magnificent architectural marvel. From its lobby to ceiling, the famous office building is main highlight of the city. If here on a clear day, you will find plenty to admire.

empire state building

Statue of Liberty

The iconic Lady Liberty is a sight to behold. Here, you can enjoy panoramic view of New York Harbor and catch glimpse of the creation of Federic Auguste. It is accessible via commercial ferries.


Guggenheim Museum

A concept of Frank Lloyd, the classic museum is simply stunning for being the most recognized building in World. It showcases a collection of traditional and modern-day art works.


Brooklyn Bridge

You cannot mistake it to be just another bridge. It’s a classic reminder of NYC’s architectural innovations. It was earlier the longest suspension bridge in the World. Be here, to enjoy a spectacular view of lower Manhattan and other notable landmarks.


American Museum of Natural History

Housing more than 32 million specimens, dinosaur fossils, a planetarium space and an IMAX theatre; this museum is in itself symbolic of magnificence. It’s every bit worthy of a visit!


Coney Island Cyclone

Dating back to 1927, the roller coaster belongs to times when this Island was a booming seaside resort. Riding the cyclone is the thing to do on your visit here. It’s a joyous experience being here.


Bronx Zoo

Home to over 5000 animals, this wildlife park has successfully been able to garner public eye over years. Here, you will discover many endangered species such as the fossa, gorillas, Coquerel’s sifaka, etc. Daily penguin is worth the admiration!


Times Square

This park is a refreshing change from otherwise bustling city life. Come here to gaze at neighborhoods, watch people or admire NASDAQ sign. It’s all together different to be in the heart of Times Square.


Life in NYC spans beyond the obvious. There are museums, shopping sites, galleries, pubs and much more happening all day long to keep the visitors engaged. If scheduling an expedition to NYC, do plan your trip ahead of time to make the most of your outing here.

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