Spirit of Halloweentown Oregon 2018

Spirit of Halloweentown Oregon 2018
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The Real Halloween Town in USA Oregon – St Helens

St Helens in USA Oregon is the popular Halloween town – the town which turns into a major crowd puller during the Halloween season. Thousands and thousands of people visit this beautiful town in the month of October for a taste of magic that only Disney can weave. However, note that though inspired by a Disney movie of the same name, the set up you will see here is not created by Disney at all. The concept was created and implemented by the people of this town who are keeping it alive year after year since 1989.

The Spirit of Halloween – The Back Story

‘Halloweentown’ is a Disney TV movie which has reached cult status ever since its release in 1998. The movie was shot at numerous locations in Oregon, including the town of St. Helen’s. The movie hit a deep spot with the people of town and as a result led to the idea which helped breathe new life into St. Helen’s. The movie was so famous and loved that, three more installments were made later on!

The people of St Helens loved the setup so much that they decided to recreate it every year for the fans to visit. The people of the town call this month-long celebration as ‘The Spirit of Halloweentown’.

What to expect?


Parade & Pumpkin lighting

The event starts with St Helens Halloween Parade which was held for the first time in 2015. The parade ends in the old town’s historic district near the Columbia River for the community pumpkin lighting. The Great Pumpkin – the show stopper here – is the original one which was used in the movies.

The Severed Head Tractor Ride

We won’t call it a highlight of the vent, but it is definitely a must-try ride. The “The Severed Head Tractor Ride” website states that the ride covers a scenic path on the waterfront along statues of death.

Goth Weekend

This weekend start on October 22 and covers a variety of events ranging from Tarot introductory classes, and the “I Scream Social.” Then there is “Nightmare before Christmas Sing-a-long.”, a rare experience indeed!

Nightmare on the Main Street’s Haunted House

No Halloween is complete without paying a visit to a haunted house! St Helens ‘Nightmare on the Main Street’s Haunted House’ is just what you need to complete your Halloween experience.

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Other popular states that you can visit this Halloween: Las Vegas, Florida, Miami & New Jersey, to name a few.

  • New Jersey is best known for ‘Sleepy Hollow’, the place where the legend of the headless horseman came into being.
  • If you would like to dress up and participate in Halloween Parade, Los Angeles is the place for you.
  • In Florida, there are a lot of places that you can visit, like, various theme parks in Orlando or the Key West Fantasy Fest.

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Fun Facts about Halloween – Did You Know?


  • Halloween’s most popular symbol is Owl.
  • More than 2000 years old, Halloween’s roots go back to the Celts who were native to Britain.
  • Halloween is the third biggest celebration in US after Super Bowl Sunday & New Year.
  • The celebration was brought to America via immigrants from Europe. They used to celebrate it around a bonfire, sharing ghost stories, accompanied by singing and dancing.
  • Every culture associates its festivals with specific colors; black and orange are the colors of Halloween, where black symbolizes dark, and orange, the fall harvest.
  • People use to play practical jokes on Halloween, but when this turned really ugly, to dissuade it, the ‘trick or treat’ was started as a movement for kids in the 1930s.

Halloween is known by various names some of which are listed below:

  • All Hallows Eve
  • The Feast of the Dead
  • All Hallowtide
  • Samhain
  • The Day of the Dead
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