The Best Roads for Driving in the United States

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When the Good Roads Movement started in America, it gave tremendous boost to the process of building up finest quality road infrastructure. And now, if we talk about the present scenario of the USA roads, we all know that these are among the best roads in the world. It sure would be a great driving pleasure to take your vehicle on to these roads, after all, it isn’t just a workhorse to drive you around! For the love of cruising on the road, and the sake of your automobile, it is time you hit the road. Of Course, foremost step would be to choose the right kind of driveway as per your automobile to have a satisfying experience. Via this blog, we bring to you a revealing list of some of the most dramatic, scenic and thrilling roads in the United States of America which are sure to change your notion of road fun and up the levels of quality driving.

To start off, let’s talk about the challenging ones first, and later you will find the roads full of scenic juice and heart-stopping sections, some of them being the hidden gems.

1. Jericho to Stowe via smugglers’ notch, Vermont

Jericho to Stowe via smugglers’ notch, Vermont

This hidden gem that we suggest is full of drama, so better be safe while you step hard on the pedal. It is thrilling country-driving experience, no doubts, because it is full of crazy inclines, speedy curves, and throbbing turns.
This drive is so perfect and picturesque that one might get distracted by the lush canopy maid by the trees running parallel along. We suggest you a comfortable SUV or a high-end convertible to make the most out of this asphalt gem.

2. Going to The Sun Road, Montana

This two-lane marvel traversing through the Glacier National Park is a beauty to drive on. Snaking in the Rockies, this road is full of winding hairpin bends, startling tunnels and narrow sharp turns. To enjoy the treasures of this road, one needs to plan the drive between July and October.

The highest point while traversing, is Logan Pass situated at a height of 6600 feet approx. One can take a short stop here to capture the magnificent views and appreciate the scenic beauty. An off-road 4×4 vehicle is best suited for this road to have a better grip and hold.

3. Hill Country Highways, Texas

Highways Texas
Known for its rugged topography and rumpled terrain, Hill Country has some of the most quirkiest driveways. These roads have iconic troughs and crests and are known for the adrenaline rush one gets when driving full throttle.

Beware of the blind spots, though. The real beauty lies in the contrasts offered by Hill Country. Wooded canyons made by the seasonal rivers, rock strewn ranchlands and one gets to drive through such grand unsullied driveways.

4. Haines Highway, Alaska

Some roads are carved out keeping the technical aspects in view and the ease of doing so. While others are carved out to make the drive magical and full of mountainous panoramic views. Having said that, Haines Highway, also known as Haines Road or Haines Cut-off, is one such beauty road which throws umpteen number of reasons to drive on it.

It was awarded as the ‘National Scenic Byway’ in the year 2009. You have to experience it to believe it, and you will not be disappointed. This road strip is also good for the birders who want to spot the largest gathering of Bald Eagles one could ever see.

5. Highway 78, Alabama

Highway 78, Alabama

This state of Alabama has route 78 which has its own quota of ebbs and flow in its terrain, hence making it dramatic and worth driving on. With a backdrop of the mighty Appalachian mountain range, the road cuts through Talladega National Forest.

This two-lane strip is sure to give an apt doze of happiness and content to you and your vehicle. This route will give you ample chances to enjoy speed, views and short-breaks. We suggest a comfy and luxurious sedan for this strip.

6. Talimena Drive, Arkansas

Talimena drive
Another National Scenic Byway of this list, Talimena driveway is famous for numerous historic towns that appear along the way. This road is among the must-to-do driveway list of many driving enthusiasts for one and only one reason, i.e. natural beauty. This stretch passes through Ouachita National Forest.

During the months of October and November, this forest area blossoms in full bloom making it a fairytale experience driving down the road passing through it. Hence, one ought to drive down this road once in a lifetime. We suggest you to take a convertible to add a little more zeal while you zoom your way through the greens.

7. Hana Highway, Hawaii

Hana Highway
One weird and fun fact about this highway connecting Kahului to Hana, is that while driving to Hana, men tend to drive, whereas return journey is taken care by women. The reason behind this amusing fact is something that forces many couples to take up this driveway. According to the locals, this happens out of enthusiasm and annoyance.

While going, there are meandering scenic cliffs and patches which results in some stomach- churning and giddiness, not appreciated by the fairer sex. Well, jokes apart, it is worth testing the limits of your automobile! We recommend a good and sturdy SUV or 4×4 vehicle to do the job for you.

Do not stop yourself here only! USA is one such country in the world which has deployed huge amounts of resources in maintaining good roads. It is well said that the roads of America are good not because America is rich; America is rich because of its good roads. They are considered the lifeline of a country and a great add-on would be some scenic and beautiful driveways. Time to explore through your favourite car or you could choose from numerous car rentals in USA. Get, set & zoooom!

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