Top 10 Summer Destinations in the USA

Must-See Summer Destinations in the USA

Summers are so much more than lazy afternoons and scorching heat. It’s the best time to enjoy yourself with your loved ones under the bright golden sun. Summer is a time to let your hair loose and feel the dreamy summer breeze, it’s a time to reminisce all the amazing memories of years gone, and it’s a time to go on new exhilarating adventures and exotic locations.

So grab your stuff, pack your bags and begin your journey of the Top 10 Summer Destinations in the USA you should visit this year.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Stunning beaches and a serene summer attitude are the backbones of Cape Cod, which makes it a perfect place to spend your summer vacation. Quaint farms, sandy beaches, and ancient lighthouses are just some of the things that make Cape Cod enjoyable. Take a relaxing trip to Cape Cod and enjoy the hot sun and crystal clear waters.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Any list of vacation destinations would be incomplete without mentioning Yellowstone National Park. Spread across three states (Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana) and 3,468.4 sq mi, it is a national reserve filled with nature’s bounty. From viewing magnificent species of birds and wildlife, camping under a thousand stars, to taking a breathtaking hike, Yellowstone National Park has a lot to offer to all types of visitors. During each season one can see a different side of this park, in summers you will enjoy lush green plants and trees and elks grazing around.

San Diego, California

San Diego is renowned for its endless beaches, idyllic climate, and perfect family attractions. It is the best place to enjoy time with your family. San Diego boasts some of the most magnificent zoos and fun-filled water parks the USA has to offer. While in San Diego don’t forget to visit the most famous guests in the San Diego Zoo, Pandas.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is also known as Sin City, it is as famous for its resorts and museums as it is for its nightlife and casinos. At night Las Vegas sparkles like a diamond from the spectacular lightning of hotels and attractions. It’s the perfect place to have a night to remember. You can’t run out of things to do in Las Vegas whether you stay at some of the world-renowned hotels, visit the Las Vegas Strip, enjoy a fountain show, visit the mob museum or take a helicopter ride over the desert.

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo City is the most underrated destination on this list, which is partly because of its neighbor New York City. Diverse culture, stunning architecture, and mouthwatering cuisines are just some of the things one can experience in Buffalo. When in Buffalo do see the Erie County Botanical Gardens, Niagara Wine Trail, and City Zoo for a memorable experience.

Anchorage, Alaska

For all the people who love the outdoors, Anchorage is the place to be. Hiking and skiing enthusiasts would have the time of their life in Anchorage. You can even visit many family-oriented attractions such as performing art studies and museums like Anchorage Museum, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, and Oscar Anderson House Museum.

Who knows if you are lucky enough you might even sight a Moose.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is the capital of the state of New Mexico, it’s one of the oldest cities in the United States. With a rich culture and history, our list would be incomplete without mentioning this city. Santa Fe has its own unique atmosphere due to the influence of various cultures over the course of centuries. Some of the famous places to visit in Santa Fe are the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, and Canyon Road. Santa Fe even has the oldest surviving church in the United States, San Miguel Chapel. Santa Fe, New Mexico is best discovered from the comfort of a car as all the major attractions are at a small distance from each other.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, spread over 1.2 million acres. It is located in the state of Arizona and is the perfect place to spend your summers. Tranquility and peace await those who plan to visit this iconic and scenic natural treasure. It’s the perfect destination to visit with your family, you can hike an adventurous trail or go on river rafting or even go camping. The cool summer breeze and the vast variety of flora and fauna are only home to the Grand Canyon. Since there is a lot to do and explore in the Grand Canyon you can easily rent your favorite car rental type even for the long term.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Lake Geneva has endless activities for people of every age. A trip over here is a, sure enough, way to refresh your mind and have some of the most memorable experiences with your loved ones. Climb in a hot air balloon and experience the beauty of Lake Geneva from the air or take a relaxing spa at the famous Abbey Resort.

Glacier National Park, Montana.

For all those who would like to “chill” Glacier National Park is the place to be. Aptly named Crown of the Continent it has a considerable amount of snow all year round. Snow-covered mountain ranges, adventurous roads, stunning lakes, deep valleys are just some of the things you can explore in Glacier National Park. Going-To-The-Sun Road is arguably the most scenic route in this vast national reserve. Although it is a bit crowded, it is best to visit this destination during summers as all the areas of the park are accessible, unlike the winters. It is best suggested to explore this particular destination in an SUV as they can carry more supplies that would be needed for hiking or other adventure sports and can easily navigate steep or rocky roads.

Aware and informed of all the top places for a memorable summer you can now successfully plan a trip to your suitable destination. Be sure to carry the necessary gear and a proper means of transport if you want to have the perfect summer trip, also don’t forget to click tons of pictures. All these places are best explored from the comfort of your own car.

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