Top 5 Hidden Hideaways in USA

Top 5 Hidden Hideaways

Fed up of the crowded must-visits that are so furiously promoted? We bring you the best destinations in USA which undoubtedly don the tourist promise, but for some reasons have been kept as secrets by the travel enthusiasts for long now; hence, are aptly named as hidden hideaways. Their uniqueness which comes through the mix of quiet and boisterousness becomes evident as one pays a visit. Beaches or nightlife venues, all are noted to provide enough me-time with all the entertainment factor intact; have a look and know more about these heavenly places which, in addition to being pacifiers are also high on tourist-oriented quotient.

1. Newport, Rhode Island:

This city which used to be the summer retreat of the late president John F Kennedy is a real treat to the eyes; its history as a vacation destination, however, goes deeper than that, for the past 375 years, Newport has been welcoming tourists from around the globe. It heritage marked by the transition from being a Colonial era place for religious dissenters and Gilded Age playgrounds to a place full of art, history and culture, can still be observed as one moves about. Moreover, this small town, located near the harbor is noted for its mesmerizing backdrop which offers heart-warming sights; in addition, to which there are also numerous sailing clubs which not only offer excursions but also lessons for the beginners. Wineries, light houses and museums plus, good restaurants and accommodations make Newport a complete package for the visitors.

2. Kodiak Island, Alaska

Located in the Gulf of Alaska and close to Anchorage, this unique place is the second largest island in USA. Comprising of various small communities, this place is a welcoming blend of cultures, and has an array of intoxicating structures for instance Orthodox Churches and monuments of Russian influence. Its ties with Native Americans also make it unique; it can be stated as one of the reasons that it is so refreshingly different from other American destinations. Its topography is diverse with ample venues for biking or hiking; options for such adventures are diverse owing to its 100 miles roads, both paved and gravel, which link the city to the depths of intoxicating wilderness that surrounds Kodiak on all sides. From rough jeep tracks to smooth roads that lead to the isolated stretches of beach to best fishing spots; the adventurers get numerous options to indulge themselves, moreover, campgrounds are also available for those who want to spend some time surrounded by its outstanding scenery and secluded environment.

3. Arcata, California

Sitting close to Eureka, this place comes under Humboldt County which is a close-knit community known as Arcata. Humans and nature, here, live in close harmony for its residents go out of their way to protect wildlife and their forests. It is also famous for its giant redwood trees, which also provide a fantastic way to see Humboldt County and its engrossing views. People use harnesses to travel the County through the cables that stretch the land at a height of 60-70 feet, through the redwood trees. It is best known for its colorful newspaper, its brilliant Plaza and a population which is a lively mix of hippies, educators and loggers.

4. Geneva on the Lake, Ohio

This Village resort, located along the shores of Southern Ohio, is known to attract crowd throughout the year. Lush greenery offered by it amplifies to a peaking and enveloping viridescent as one enters its National Park; Geneva-on-the-lake’s beautiful lake offers numerous lake activities which in association with its offered mesmerizing winery trails, makes it the finest vacation destination of all times. From the 1920s to 1940s to the present times, Geneva-on-the-lake, has been firming its place as a summer vacation destination; and why not? In addition to good accommodation options, it offers everything arcade games to Theme parks to lake activities, which makes it a great success with adults and kids alike.

5. Jekyll Island, Georgia

Over the years, it has grown from a place known for Luminary vacationers to a place where holiday-makers of all sorts visit for a well-defined journey. Dotted with award-winning golf courses, flooded with year-round festivities and lined with numerous stay options, Jekyll Island has certainly come a long way from its 20th Century persona. However, it still clings to its majestic touches as all the major highlight of the bygone era still prevail, hence, its historic district still brings to life the past in its 20th Century high society glory. It is also high on adventure as it offers horse-riding to biking to wildlife experiences, in addition to water parks and all the year round festivities and events.

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