Top US Towns with Incredible Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Celebrations

Are you looking for the best place in America to spend your Christmas holidays? From coast to coast, some of the towns in USA are known for going out of their ways in their efforts to bring this imminent celebration to life. With seasonal rental deals, from USA Cars Rental, get a chance to explore all the towns in USA which come to life with the onset of Christmas festivities each year. What’s peculiar about these towns is that they go to great lengths for decking up the streets with colorful lights and for setting up their very own versions of holiday markets and sky-high Christmas trees.

These towns showcase so many different cultures, Christmas rituals as well as festivities that it become difficult for all travelers to make it to each and every town in time for the Christmas celebrations to take off. Keeping in mind your jam- packed itineraries in USA, below are some of the top towns in USA which are popular for their unique and over- the- top Christmas celebrations.

15 US Towns with the Most Impressive Christmas Celebrations

Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth is a Bavarian- themed small town in Washington which lights up to the spirit of Christmas with its Alpine holiday air as well as miles long traces of light bringing this town to life. Visiting Leavenworth during Christmas is an absolutely blissful experience for all tourists. Here Christmas celebrations are not limited to just a single day with handbell concerts, harp music, the Christkindlmarkt adding to the charm of this weekly- festival. You can also spot sledding and caroling taking place across every other street during this time.


Asheville, North Carolina

Christmas in Asheville is more like Christmas celebrations in Biltmore, the magnificent Vanderbilt mansion which bears great historic relevance. Dressing up with colorful ribbons, trails of lights, garlands and ornaments is the Biltmore mansion’s way of participating in the iconic Christmas celebrations. With sights of Santa Claus rappelling down the chimneys, Christmas activities in Asheville begin at full force days before the arrival of this festival. The River Arts District attracts a fair share of people who can buy beautiful gifts from the crafts shows and arts studios here.


Woodstock, Vermont

The picturesque scenery of Woodstock adds to the Christmas festivities here with annual events and gathering taking place throughout the Woodstock Wassail Weekend. A popular Christmas ritual here involves the lighting of the town tree and the Yule log by all natives while carolers spread the Christmas message among the town folks here. Farms and historical homes in Woodstock participate in this celebration in full swing and add to the ever- growing holiday heritage of Christmas.

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Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson town barges into the Christmas festivities every year like no other town in America. With a Town Square which looks as spectacular as ever throughout the year, there are elk antlers mounted across all the four corners of its iconic arches. During Christmas, these arches are illuminated with colorful lights, garlands and ribbons which bring in the spirit of true festivities during nighttime. Catch a glimpse of the torch- parading ski instructors snaking down the mountains during New Year’s Eve.


Bernville, Pennsylvania

Bernville in Pennsylvania is your one- stop destination for witnessing one of the most extravagant and fun- filled Christmas celebrations in the United States. All festivities related to Christmas here are family- oriented and provides everyone with the opportunity to gaze into a town illuminated by millions of light displays. Visitors can explore the various shops and dioramas here while also coming face to face with the father of Christmas, Santa
Claus. There are also several out of the box sceneries depicting Christmas in different ways, such as Christmas in the Jungle, Christmas in Other Lands and Christmas beneath the Sea among others.


Williamsburg, Virginia

Drum and fife performances along with interpretive programs are known for setting up the perfect stage for visitors to enjoy their Christmas holidays in Williamsburg. Age- old traditions such as caroling by the torchlight and the grand execution of fireworks along with the historic practice of gun- salute display are few of the Christmas- time activities here, which can be best viewed from the town green. For those who are not much interested in history, the Busch Gardens are open during Christmas holidays.


Delray Beach, Florida

A popular beach in Florida, a 100- foot tall beautifully decorated Christmas tree is all that it takes to convert this beach into a perfect Christmas holiday destination. The Old School Square here unveils the illuminated tree which dramatically opens up every year during Christmas festivities to reveal the wonderful land created inside, a magical experience which is definitely what you expect from one of the best Christmas celebrating towns in America. All holiday traditions are depicted here with toy trains running across all the tiny miniatures inside the Christmas tree wonderland.


Durango, Colorado

Durango town has its very own personalized version of Christmas festivities with its trademark local steam- engine trains converted into power- packed snowy rides which take all tourists across the picturesque mountains here along the banks of River Animas. Although the narrow gauge of steam- engine trains operates throughout the year in Durango, during Christmas there is a special Polar Express train which takes children on trips across the town along with a special weekend Christmas tree which takes all passengers into the woods for cutting their very own trees and for bringing them home.


Annapolis, Maryland

The true essence of centuries- old history which is depicted in the 18th- century architecture of Annapolis perfectly complements the holidays here. Guided tours of the town as well as candlelit strolls across some of the most popular houses in this town are part of the Christmas rituals here. Evergreen garlands and the perfectly lightened City Dock reflect the holiday spirit of Annapolis with the illuminated Christmas tree twinkling in the harbor’s water. Apart from this, there are lighted boat parades taking place throughout the month of November which add to the nautical traditions of Annapolis.


Santa Claus, Indiana

Righty known as America’s Christmas Hometown, Santa Claus town in Indiana commits itself to year- round celebrations of this holiday. During the late 1920s, Santa Claus’s local postman started to promote this town and soon there were letters pouring in addressed to Santa Claus. In order to keep the spirit of Christmas holidays alive, each of the letter received throughout the year is answered by Santa’s volunteered Elves. Some of the events which make local festivities more enjoyable are the themed parades, the Santa’s Land of Lights which is a 12- mile drive along the holiday light show as well as the Candy Castle.


Sierra Madre, California

The town of Sierra Madre is the ultimate Christmas holiday destination for people living in southern parts of California. Importing snow from the San Bernadino Mountains, Sierra Madre is located at the foothills of the Pasadena. This heavy snowfall every year is used for making a huge snowman in the central square of this town, also known as the Kersting Court. The sight of all the houses and buildings decorated with ribbons, illuminating lights and ornaments is definitely worth watching. The 154- tree long Christmas Tree Lane is yet another attraction of the Christmas festivities taking place in Sierra Madre.


Branson, Missouri

Popularly known as the Ozark Mountain Christmas, Branson in Missouri takes the spirit of Christmas very seriously and puts forward its best efforts in showcasing the Christmas flare and celebrations here. With evergreen garlands and flickering lights covering all trees as well as historic shopping centers on the Main Street, this town is home to arena performances that have incorporated traditional holiday music, snow as well as evergreens for making the whole holidaying experience more worth experiencing. Branson is also known for being the favorite home of events like the Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede.

Branson, Missouri

Taos, New Mexico

Depicting the true colors of Mexican Christmas celebrations, Taos features several concerts, crafts fairs and tree lighting events like any other town in America. However, Christmas in Taos is much more than just lighted trees and concerts. Christmas celebrations in Taos includes religious processions taking place in Taos Pueblo along with colorful lights, bonfires and historic gun- saluting events adding more charm and beauty to the festivities.

Taos-New Mexico-christmas

Fredericksburg, Texas

Christmas celebrations in Fredericksburg kick off in the month of November itself with an elaborate Christkindlesmarkt which is a way of honoring the early German settlers of this American town. With the passing of each day, there are tree lightings, concerts, crafts shows, charity balls, events such as cookie decoration and nutcracker performances taking place throughout this hill county. Texas- style parades are the main attraction of Christmas celebrations in Fredericksburg. Locally- steamed beers are an important part of these events keeping in mind this town’s dedication to its German roots.


Georgetown, Washington

Georgetown is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Washington known for welcoming the festival season filled in the warmth of the illuminated streets and buildings which are part of the holiday event known as Georgetown Glow. During this time, all streets and houses in the Wisconsin Avenue can be seen dotting the spirit of holidays. If you are looking for a one- stop holiday destination which combines both commerce as well as art hub,


hundreds of stores, galleries and restaurants here make it a perfect place for experiencing the true spirit of Christmas holidays. The popular Holiday Window Competition here has already been set into motion on November 28 and you can see local shops competing against each other for designing the most innovative window displays of this season.

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