Route 66 Car rental – Chicago to Los Angeles

Route 66 Car rental - Car hire Chicago to Los Angeles
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Route 66 Car Rental information

Total Distance: 2,448 miles
Trip Duration: 10- 14 days
Popular car hire pickup location Chicago Airport

Renting a car for Historic Route 66 trip

Through our top car hire brands, we provide cheap one way prices for Route 66 – US’s iconic road trip!

Also known as The Main Street of America, Mother Road & the Will Roger Highway, the road came into existence in 1926. It is interesting to note that a big chunk of travelers choose to take Route 66 trip because they desire to spend their vacation time away from the crowd & noise of the big cities, while enjoying its many attractions. And, since most of these travelers come from out of states, they prefer renting cars – and mostly one-way rentals – over public transport & enjoy all that is there to do & see on the way, to the fullest.

What do you need to rent a car?

A valid & full driver’s license (Irrespective of your country of residence), a credit card, International driver’s permit and an ID.

Drivers under-21 and above 71 years of age might not be able to rent cars, however, some suppliers charge an underage fee & allow under-21s to hire cars. Read the terms & conditions attached with the deal for the deal-specific age eligibility condition.

Car rental Route 66 one way fee

On USA Cars Rental, you can rent both two way and one way rental for your Route 66 trip. In case of one-way, you will have to pay an extra fee, which is not there if you are opting for a round trip rental deal. In most of the cases, you pay the extra charges at the time of rental pickup. Make sure that you inform the rental company about the one-way before placing the booking & confirm it again at the time of pickup.

How to rent a cheap car for Route 66 on USA Cars Rental?

Best time to take the trip: Summer months. With winter season comes the dangers of snow. We suggest you rent at least 4-5 months in advance for cheaper car hire prices. Or pre-book in winters when the rates are lowest.

If you can make the back trip, rent a two way rental car, that way you will be able to save the one-way fee. Going back is mostly not feasible for many, but if you have flight from Chicago airport only, it is the best solution for you.

Automatic transmission is common in USA; if you are not comfortable with automatic, renting a car with a stick-shift might cost more (depending upon the availability).

Pick the car at a tourist destination as prices offered for these locations are more competitive. By placing the car rental booking in advance, you will be able to save some more bucks.

Book your Route 66 car hire from top suppliers

USA Cars Rental works with almost all major car-hire-agencies that provide deals for Route 66, some of them are listed below:

  • ThriftyThrifty
  • NationalNational
  • AlamoAlamo
  • DollarDollar
  • AceAce
  • SixtSixt
  • EuropcarEuropcar

Perks of renting cars with us: While some of our suppliers charge one way fee, some don’t. And, almost all of these partners provide unlimited mileage and standard insurance with the car hire deals.

Go through the terms & conditions to know what is included and what’s not. Also check with your credit card or auto insurance company to be sure that it extends to the rental car, if not, it will be better to buy an insurance at the time of pickup.

Popular car-types rented for Route 66 Trip

Luxury car rental Route 66

Whether you are looking for sports, an exotic or a premium car, on USA Cars Rental, you can easily compare luxury rentals from top suppliers. You can expect to see Audi, Mustang, Rolls Royce and Bentley while comparing deals for Route 66 on our booking engine.

Cheap car rental Route 66

Compacts, sedans, minis, and economy cars are the cheapest to rent vehicles which are also available on short notice. However note that, though they are fuel efficient, some of them, like the minis, are not the best option for the trip.

Convertible car rental Route 66

Convertibles and SUVs are some of the most rented car-types as they are sturdy and add a lot of style to the trip. Some of our suppliers also provide SUV convertibles for the one way trip. Call us for more information.

Places to see on the way – Route 66

Places to see on route 66

The Blue Whale (Catoosa, Oklahoma): This 80ft mammal statue is one of the most recognizable attractions of old Route 66. This waterfront structure was built as an anniversary gift and is situated to the east of the town of Catoosa.

Petrified Forest National Park (Arizona): Named after the petrified wood found in the park, the park is home to fossilized tree logs, which are about 225 million years old. Nearest city is Holbrook.

Route 66 Mother Road Museum (Barstow, California): If you are interested in classic cars, and all things vintage from photography to auto-repair signs, this museum is what you need must see.

The Wigwam Motel (San Bernardino, California): Fascinated by teepee hotels? This motel is the perfect stop. Established in 1949, its 30ft concrete tepee hotels are awe-inspiring, each of which comes with its own swimming pool & barbecue grill.

Meteor crater (near Flagstaff, Arizona): 50,000 years old, it is the world’s best preserved meteorite impact site. With a circumference of 2.4 miles & depth of 167 meters deep, it is something you can’t miss!

Giganticus Headicus (Walapai, Arizona): This famous stop of Route 66, Giganticus Headicus is a 14ft blue tiki statue. Located in the Antares Visitor Center, the statue is made up of metal, chicken wire, cement and Styrofoam.

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