Ace Car Rental Deals for USA

Founded in 1966 by Robert Sorenson, Ace rental cars became New Zealand’s household name gradually. Its journey, which started with 10 Volkswagens for the neighborhood region to the present status that boasts around 200 locations globally, has been splendid indeed.


Safe Car Rental at lowest rates

The company provides the lowest possible rates in exchange for the car rental service with facilities like unlimited kilometers, roadside assistance etc. Moreover it gives stark importance to the safety of the customers. Each vehicle undergoes a strict regime to ensure that it can bear the worst and still be reliable, able enough to keep the customer safe under extreme conditions. Hence each company office has an active workshop, equipped with mechanics that do this job competently. Only the certified cars reach the customers for a hire.

Eco Friendly

Another thing that is prevalent in Ace rental cars’ make up is to ensure non polluting car rentals. Clean, green and beautiful New Zealand is what they aspire; hence they strive to provide car rentals that are environment friendly. At present Caribbean, Central and South America, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia are the locations where Ace rental cars are active.

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