What You Need to Rent a Car in USA

What documents do I need to rent a car in USA

To hire a car in America, the drivers need to fulfill some qualifying conditions – covering age and mandatory documents – which if not met could lead to refusal. That is, if the car rental company finds you lacking in any of the requirements, they have the right to refuse you the pre-booked vehicle at the time of pick up. Whether planning to rent a car in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, California or Orlando – cities or their respective airports – here are the car hire requirements that you need to fulfill to rent a car in US:

Age Eligibility

The minimum age to rent a car in US is 25 years, more or less that is, as this eligibility condition may vary from supplier to supplier (and not just that, even different car-types come with different minimum rental age requirements). However, that doesn’t mean that under-25 could not rent cars at all; many car rental companies allow young driver, even the ones who are younger than 21 years to rent, but the suppliers charge a young driver surcharge for the driver’s lack of driving experience.

Driver’s license (DL)

Any driver who meets the supplier’s rental age requirements and have a valid & full driver’s license held for at least one-year can rent a car in US. So no matter whether you are residents of UK, Canada, Australia, Germany or China, all you need is a valid DL to hire and drive a car in US. Make sure you bring the original document, as photocopies, temporary or digital copies of the license are not entertained.

Credit card (debit or cash)

Most car rental companies allow payments only through credit card, though there are a few which permit the use of debit card or even cash but this is permitted (if available) only at selected locations. Read the T&C of the supplier with whom you are renting to know more, or call us, we will help you arrange the right car for you with the suitable payment option.

International driver’s permit (IDP)

Though in general, an IDP is not counted among the main documents that drivers are usually asked for renting cars in the USA, you might have to show one, if the suppliers say so. Moreover, in case your DL is not in Roman alphabet, an IDP would act as the translation and would be helpful in cases of accidents when the authorities would need your DL information to fill the accident form. If you don’t have an IDP, at least do carry the official translation of your DL.

Therefore, the need of an IDP depends on the fact whether the rental car company is asking for it, and your driver’s license language.

*Kindly note that, the information on this page is for guidance purposes, the renter must read the deal-specific T&Cs for accurate, updated information.