Affordable & Quality Rental Cars at Wilmington International Airport

Wilmington International Airport Car Rental

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Wilmington International Airport – Highlights

The airport has number of air services. The Fixed Base Operations are also homed here where more than 100 private aircrafts are placed. There is a day and night ramp for the US Customs where flights can stop inside the airport. This amazing airport has three highly sophisticated runways and one huge terminal with eight gates. The runways are paved with asphalt and other high tech materials so that there is no hazard or risk to the landing or takeoff of the planes. The terminal at the airport is absolutely high end. The concourses are the most amazing as they are created with greatest technology. The security systems are agile. A great idea to travel to the airport would be through a car hire.

More about Wilmington International Airport

Wilmington International Airport is an amazing airport which is equipped with all services which make your air travel experience delightful. It is also referred by the name of New Hanover County International Airport. A charter service is also available at this airport. The airport is used for the public operations and is around an hour’s drive from Wilmington which is in the New Hanover County. It serves the Cape Fear Township also.