One way car rental USA

One-way car rental is a great way to keep the total control of your travel plans in your own hands. All of our rental suppliers allow the one-way car hire service within the US.

Why book a one way rental car in USA?

Travelers visiting USA, rent cars with one-way option for a variety of reasons, like saving time by not choosing to travel by air because of flight delays and cancellations, or saving hassle in case of unplanned trip changes. But majority of the travelers go for one-way because they don’t want to, or don’t have enough time to, make the return trip.

So, whatever your reason is, on USA Cars Rental, you can choose any of the 200+ city or airport locations as your preferred pickup and drop-off location for your one-way car rental.

Our top one-way car hire deals in the US

You can choose from a wide fleet of rental car-types including vans, minivans, luxury, & economy cars.

Mitsubishi Mirage
USD 25.60/day
Toyota RAV4
USD 30.91/day
Dodge Grand Caravan
USD 36.46/day
Ford Mustang
USD 52.19/day
*Car-types and prices may vary as per the availability

Cross country car rental to Canada

Through this option you can take your car rental (picked in USA) into Canada. It is totally your choice whether you want to reserve a round trip or a one-way cross border rental.

Here are some of the most popular cross border car rental from the USA to Canada

  • New York to Toronto
  • Florida to Toronto
  • Los Angeles to Vancouver
  • San Francisco to Vancouver
  • Seattle to Calgary
  • Seattle to Vancouver
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