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Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport Car Rental

With our Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport car hire service, you can explore all the beautiful attractions Bar Harbor and locations around the airport. The peace of mind you can get, when use our Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport car rental; especially when you are on vacation or a business-oriented trip. Making reservations for a car can be a very simple process. From our website, you will be able to find all the pertinent information you need about Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport car rental and fleet of cars.

Located in Trenton Maine, the Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport is located just 8 miles from the central business district Bar Harbor. This is a very small airport, and accommodates trips to Boston Logan, which in turn connects too many locations, worldwide. It is mostly a small connection type of airport. It is widely used in the spring through fall time but is additionally used in the wintertime when weather allows for small plane flights. It is such a convenient airport that getting to any of its many amenities, including our Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport car rental is very easy and convenient.

Service to the airport is provided by Colgan Air, which accommodates well over 21,000 passengers a year to the airport. The 34 seat plane is small but very safe and very comfortable, too. Most people who use it to commute from Boston Logan are business oriented. The amenities include extremely clean facilities, places to eat and drink, and a store and shop where you can purchase necessities or gifts, depending on what you need. Rent a car at Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport from us, after you have landed can get you to your accommodations in the area efficiently and reliably.

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