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Van rentals, convertibles, luxury cars, SUVs and sports cars are some of the most popular & highly rented categories at the Jackson Hole Airport.

Mitsubishi Mirage
USD 25.60/day
Toyota RAV4
USD 30.91/day
Dodge Grand Caravan
USD 36.46/day
Ford Mustang
USD 52.19/day

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Jackson Hole Airport Car Rental

Car rental at Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) is a preferred means of commuting to Teton County. We are associated with a wide network of suppliers, thus we have access to lowest prices and top discounts to make your Teton car rental experience. Our Jackson Hole Airport car rental deal is all inclusive with airport fee, theft protection, CDW, liability insurance, customer support and more. Find top car hire deals at Jackson Hole Airport now.

Guide to Jackson Hole Airport (JAC)

Jackson Hole Airport Jackson Hole Airport is a public airport that is located seven miles north of the central business district of Jackson, a town in Teton County, Wyoming, United States. The Airport is owned by the Jackson Hole Airport Board. It is located at the base of the spectacular Teton Mountains. The Airport is located entirely within Grand Teton National Park. The design of the airport blends with the unique surroundings of the national park and Jackson Hole preservation area.

The entrance from the outside is a wood walkway that heads to the main terminal building. The airport has 6 gates and United and American Airlines serve 757-200w’s there. American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, United Airlines and United Express all service the Jackson Hole Airport, flying to Chicago, Dallas Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Atlanta.

Terminal Amenities at JAC Airport

Jackson HoleJackson Hole Airport covers an area of 533 acres and had one asphalt paved runway. There is one restaurant at the airport, “Jedediah’s” at the Airport, which also has a full service bar. Soda dispensers are strategically situated throughout the terminal. The airport has one gift store, Jedediah’s At the Airport, which has an excellent array of souvenirs, books and snacks. Presently, soda and snack machines, restrooms and drinking fountains, soda and snack machines are installed at the boarding area for passenger convenience. Wireless internet access by Opti-Fi is available throughout the terminal. Jackson Hole Airport car hire desks, hotel shuttles and taxis all operate at the airport. Rent a car at Jackson Hole Airport to get around in Teton County.

Eating Points near Jackson Hole Airport

  • Cascade Grill House &Spirits (4.85mi)
  • Dornan’s in Moose (3.87mi)
  • Gamefish(4.67mi)
  • Westbank Grill (4.67mi)
  • Spur Restaurant and Bar(4.87mi)

Driving Directions

  • Route US-26W will lead you to Idaho Falls (89 mi)
  • US-191/ US-26W/ US-89S to reach Jackson city (9.3 mi)
  • US-26W route will lead you to Blackfoot (127 mi)
  • US-26E to reach Bridger National Park (26.5 mi)
  • US-191S to reach Jackson Hole Resort (21.6 mi)

Activities in Jackson Hole

  • Sunset Dinner and Wildlife safari
  • Yellow Stone National Park Lower Loop Tour
  • Grand Teton National Park
  • Whitewater Rafting & Scenic River Trips
  • Scenic Float Trip through Teton Range

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