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Long Beach Airport Introduction

Long Beach Airport 1The Long Beach Airport, located in California, is a small airport that serves both Los Angeles and Orange County area. It is a small airport situated on only 1,166 acres. It is one of the most limited airports from a noise point of view. It can only accommodate 41 commercial flights and 25 commuter flights on a daily basis, because of the strict ordinance for noise pollution above the nearby neighborhoods. Still, this airport is the perfect gateway to Long Beach and the surrounding area. You can drive Long Beach Airport car rental right from the terminal to your accommodation, while observing the cultural diversity of the region immediately.

More about the airport

About Long Beach AirportDespite the limitations on daily flights, Long Beach Airport is a very easy airport to move around and certainly due to its smaller nature, it is commuter and traveler friendly. There are four small runways and a one larger one to accommodate jets; nine total taxiways for planes to utilize. It is the second closest airport to the Disneyland Resort, and is therefore family-friendly. Getting in and out of the airport is one of its best features, since it is small and well-planned, too; you will never get lost there. Rent a car at Long Beach Airport from us is extremely easy, whether you are just arriving in the area, or are ready to leave, after having a grand vacation in the area.

Places to visit in Long Beach

Naples Island Lying close to Long Beach, this island has beautiful canals . Catalina Express This ferry take you to Catalina Island in an hour from Long Beach. Aquarium of the pacific Spread over 5 acres this site is located on the Rainbow Harbor. Long Beach Waterfront Comprising of many restaurants, this beach is the most frequently visited destination.  

Filling Stations around LGB

  • Shell Gas(1.07mi)
  • Chevron(1.02mi)
  • Harris(1.51mi)
  • Union 76(1.19mi)
  • Primafuel(1.45mi)

Long Beach Airport nearby restaurants

Corrigans Sports Bar n Grill(0.59mi)

Ristorante davinci(0.91mi)

Sweet Jill’s Gourmet Coffee(0.04mi)

La Creperie Café(4.38mi)

Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles(4.06mi)

Open Sesame(4.04mi)