10 Best US Cities for Christmas

10 Best US Cities for Christmas
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10 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in the U.S.

Are you looking for the best city/town in America to spend your Christmas, and struggling? Don’t fret, have a look at our list of ‘10 best places in the USA that promise a fabulous Christmas Fun’ & relax. Christmas is the time of the year which everyone craves, and ‘why not?’, after all, everyone is entitled to have some warm holiday time with kids, family and friends. But, since Christmas brings out the best in all US cities, towns and other popular venues along the coasts- for many of us deciding which place to visit might prove a difficult task!!

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Best places to spend Christmas in USA

1. Celebrating Christmas in Los Angeles

Celebrating Christmas in Los Angeles

Festivity is always at its best in Los Angeles! There are countless reasons that make Los Angeles your perfect Christmas destination especially when one wants to witness a Southern-California- styled Xmas! As the holiday season knocks, doused in lights and magic, Los Angeles offers enough things (to do and see) with loads of numerous Christmas events in-line to keep you occupied.

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2. Best things to do in New York City at Christmas!

Best things to do in New York City at Christmas!

As December approaches, ‘fun starts and the excitement peaks’ as everyone starts counting the days to the much-awaited holiday season.

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3. Celebrating Christmas in Miami

Celebrating Christmas in Miami

If you prefer celebrating Xmas without snow and cold? Miami is one of the best US destinations which can give you the Xmas experience you desire. But it is not just about the weather, the fact that Miami offers a great number of events, make it more magical.

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4. Things to do in San Francisco on Christmas Day

Things to do in San Francisco on Christmas Day

Visit San Francisco for a splendid Christmas time, minus the snow. A visit to the San Francisco Christmas Market, a defining brunch experience at Palace Hotel, ice-skating in summer garb at Union Square. The biggest highlight is the ‘Great Dickens Christmas Fair’ which takes place at San Francisco’s Cow Palace. It brings to life the bygone Victorian era of London where about 700 performers participate in their Victorian garb.

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5. Celebrating Christmas in Las Vegas

Celebrating Christmas in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, one of the most predominant casino hubs of the World. Many of you will be surprised to know that this city which never sleeps, is actually a much loved Xmas destination which loves a good celebration. In Las Vegas, everything is extreme, just like the weather and the towering casinos that flock this place; same can be said when it comes to celebrating Christmas. However, we must convey that Xmas celebrations in Las Vegas are a bit different; the absence of Christmas trimmings lining the streets will tell you enough!

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6. Christmas things to do in Orlando

Christmas things to do in Orlando

If you want to enjoy some real and unparalleled Christmas fun in the USA, visit Orlando as it is the only place in the World where one can savor snow showers- the man-made ones! But it is certainly not the only highlight. Delight in the flavors of eggnog under a 30 foot long Christmas tree decorated with Lego bricks at Christmas Bricktacular at LEGOLAND Florida

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7. Visiting Honolulu for Christmas

Visiting Honolulu for Christmas

‘Do all the festivities come to a halt as Thanksgiving departs?’ No, at least not in Oahu So, if you are thinking of spending your Xmas holidays in Honolulu, go ahead!

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8. Spending Christmas vacation in Chicago

Spending Christmas vacation in Chicago

Chicago is a choice of many, irrespective of the season, but at Christmas, it becomes a major crowd puller. Christmas Season in Chicago comes with a multitude of events to fill your time with fun.

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9. Christmas at Washington DC

Christmas at Washington DC

If you are looking forward to experiencing the spirit of Christmas in Washington DC with your family and friends, expect a myriad of things waiting to be explored this holiday season. Every year many communities in and around Washington organize tree lighting ceremonies; besides the lively musical performances and other special events, various tours are also arranged which cover decorated historic houses.

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10. Christmas in Phoenix

Christmas in Phoenix

Many people think that Phoenix is all about Sunshine and that holiday spirit is never that strong here, but it is not the whole truth! The whole truth is that from Mid-November till December end, Phoenix becomes the place of ultimate festivities such that one can attend a holiday event nearly every day over the duration of 6 weeks.

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