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Powered by a VIP Cars, a reputed rental broker working at global level, we present easy online car rental booking for low priced deals. In 3 easy steps, we let you find finest rental services from biggest brands like Hertz, Alamo, Budget, Dollar and many more. Our car rental partners provide us with most impressive collection of economical and high end cars for rental.

We cover all 50 states in United States, covering major international and domestic airports as well as popular cities throughout the country. With a huge list of pick up and drop off locations to choose from, we let you plan you rental as per your convenience. The low priced deals offered by us come with no hidden charges and are inclusive of theft wavier, collision damage waiver, taxes and insurance. The rental fleet collection presented by our suppliers covers segments like Mini, Economy, Compact, SUVs and Convertibles.

Exploring America by Car

One of the most visited nations on the globe, the United States of America is known for its cultural diversity, captivating landscapes, inspiring architectural marvels, biggest business parks, and plethora of manmade and natural attractions. Whether you are planning a business tour or a leisure holiday, rent a car for a comfortable ride to any place located within the world’s 4th largest nation. Car rental USA lets you book an incredibly low priced deal for thousands of US locations such as, JFK Airport, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles Washington D.C., Dallas, Miami, New York City, and many more.

Renting a car for sightseeing or business trips is a very common phenomenon in the US. With some of the largest cities such as, Miami, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, relying less on the public transport, rental car remains the only practical solution for getting around. Moreover, erratic timings and stringent schedules of public transport and taxis can dampen your traveling spirit. Long-distance car travel genuinely helps you to discover more within less time. Besides adding flexibility into your itineraries, a rental car expands your reach. For instance, you can only drive to the Grand Canyon, one of the major natural attractions of North America.

Car rental & Popular Road Trips

Rent a car in USA and choose any of the following routes to explore the stunning American landscape.

  • The Northern Getaway: Seattle – Washington – Acadia National Park
  • Oregon Odyssey: Portland – Yellowstone National Park – Niagara Falls
  • Southern Pacific: San Diego – Dallas – Montgomery – Tybee Island
  • Pacific Coast: Olympic National Park – San Francisco – San Diego
  • Route 66: Los Angeles – Tinker Town – Oklahoma City - Chicago
  • Atlantic Coast: Manhattan – Charleston – Miami

With so many states, so many attractions and so many exciting thinsg to explore, a rental car is just what you need to plan an extravagant american itineary. Book your car for USA now and experience more rental options, cheapest rental offers, best fleet and biggest brands.

Summerfest : Greatest Music Event in Wisconsin

Duration: 24- 28 June/ 30 June – 05 July, 2015 Venue: Henry Maier Festival Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Summerfest is one of the greatest music events taking place in the United States and it is 11 days of pure live music! There are 11 stages set up with more than 800 acts playing across these stages. […]

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Tips for Renting & Driving a Car in USA

Tips for Driving Safe in USA

Driving across different types of streets in United States is a completely different experience in itself.

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Driving Rules & Laws in USA

A valid driving license, insurance documents as well as registration documents are mandatory to be carried

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Parking Rules in USA

Before leaving your vehicle, make sure that you are familiar with the parking rules of that particular state.

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Common phrases used while driving in USA

Best time to visit USA: The vast and tremendous spread of this country

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